Catalytic Mechanisms and Physiological Functions
TAKAHASHI Laboratory
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Professor Satoshi TAKAHASHI
Associate Professor Hiroshi SAGAMI
Assistant Professor Kiyoto KAMAGATA

    • Development of the single molecule fluorescence tracking and the time-resolved small angle X-ray scattering for the observation of protein dynamics
    • Observation of protein folding and functional dynamics based on the single molecule and the ensemble methods
    • Development of theoretical background for the understanding of protein folding and functions based on the single-molecule time series


    Single molecule and ensemble observation on protein folding dynamics

       Proteins fold from the fully unfolded state to the functional native state based on the information coded in the amino acid sequences. To understand the physical principles of protein folding, we aim at observing the dynamic processes of protein folding based on the original techniques such as time-resolved small angle X-ray scattering and single molecule fluorescence tracking. Furthermore, to understand protein functions, we aim at observing the functional processes such as the protein-recognition process. To fully exploit the information obtained by the single molecule and time resolved methods, we are developing new strategies of data analysis.

      Observation of protein folding dynamics using the single-molecule fluorescence tracking system developed in this group