Design of Metallurgical Function Materials
TSAI Laboratory
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Professor An-Pang TSAI
Associate Professor Satoshi KAMEOKA
Assistant Professor Nobuhisa FUJITA
Outline The research of the laboratory is mainly focused on quasicrystals and related intermetallic compounds - their structure,fundamental properties and applications.Quasicrystals are a new form of solids with unusual atomic structures and thus with unusual properties. Therefore,novel applications are expected.Fundamental studies include discovery of new quasicrystals,production of single quasicrystals,their structural analysis and study of their surfaces. Research work on applications such as development of composite materials such as quasicrystal-reinforced high-strength magnesium alloys and quasicrystal based catalysts are in progress.Designing of new kind of metallic catalysts with novel functions is being carried out from the physical metallurgy point of view.

X-ray transmission laue patarn of In-Ag-Yb single quasicrystal
  1. Fabrication of quasicrystals and investigation of their structure and physical properties
  2. Microstructure and mechanical properties of quasicrystal-reinforced light alloys
  3. Preparation of novel catalysts on quasicrystalline alloys
  4. Study on catalyyic function of intermetallic compounds Surface science of quasicrystals