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  • 2020.1.27The Surface Forces Seminar on February 14th, 2020.
  • 2019.9.27The Pre-Workshop for the OKINAWA Colloids 2019 on Nov. 1st and 2nd, 2019 at Sendai.
  • 2018.12.11We had The Surface Forces Seminar at February 22, 2019.
  • 2018.10.25Our research article was selected for the cover illustration of PCCP. [Abstract], [Cover]
  • 2018.10.19On September 20, 2018, Professor J. N. Israelachvili (University of Carifornia, Santa Barbara) passed away. We express our sincere condolence. [link]
  • 2018.10.19A research article by Dr. Florian Le Cadre et al. was selected for the ACS Editors' Choice (Sep 14, 2018).
  • 2018.10.19Our research article was selected for the front cover of Soft Matter. [Abstract], [Cover]
  • 2017.06.13Website renewed.
  • 2016.05.26Prof. Kurihara received the SPSJ Award for Outstanding Achievement in Polymer Science and Technology.
  • 2016.03.04The 16th Surface forces Seminar was held at Tohoku University Katahira Campus.
  • 2016.03.03Professor Kurihara 's final lecture was held.
  • 2015.02.1715th mini-symposium on surface forces
  • 2014.03.11Professor Kurihara received the "The society of japanese women scientists award(2014)".
  • 2014.02.2414th mini-symposium on surface forces was held.
  • 2013.08.15Professor Kurihara received the "IUPAC 2013 Distinguished Women in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering award".
  • 2013.03.0213th mini-symposium on surface forces was held.
  • 2012.05.19-20Emerging Leadership Australia-Japan Collaboration Workshop Colloid and Materials Science was held.
  • 2012.05.13-18International Association of Colloid and Interface Scientists (IACIS) was held.
  • 2012.03.312th mini-symposium on surface forces was held.
  • 2011.11.23Sinya Nakano (D2) received the poster award of 12th AUSTRALIA-JAPAN COLLOID & INTERFACE SCIENCE SYMPOSIUM.
  • 2011.09.18Hitomi Fujiwara (M1) received the poster award. (平成23年度 化学系学協会東北大会)
  • 2011.09.09Sinya Nakano (D2) received the poster award of the 63rd divisional meeting on colloid and interface chemistry.
  • 2011.01.31Professor Kurihara received the Alexander Lectureship Award (Chemical Society of Australia).

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