1. Electron microscope with a field emission gun and a biprism, dedicated to studies of magnetic domains (JEM-3000F; accelerated voltage 300kV)

2. High-resolution electron microscope with an omega-type energy-filter ; (JEM-2010; accelerated voltage 200kV)

3. EELS system (Gatan DigiPEELS)

4. Imaging Plate system (FDL 5000)

5. Heating & Cooling (both helium & nitrogen) specimen holders

6. Digital video system for in situ observations

7. Specimen preparation systems : ion-milling, jet electropolishing, ultramicrotomy etc.

- other related facilities in Tohoku University -

*. High-voltage electron microscope (JEM-ARM1250, Tohoku University ; accelerated voltage 1250kV)

*. Super Computer (SX-4, Tohoku University) and workstations for image processing

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